French violins makers active in Paris during the XVII° and XVIII° centuries were close enough in their ways of life, training, professional rules, production, and models to be considered as belonging to a common school, generally known as "École Vieux Paris" (Old Paris school).


The school known as "Ecole Vieux Paris" includes makers with strong family or professional ties usually living and working in the same vicinity. According to Silvette MILLIOT, they can be classified into three different periods or schools:
- The first school, dating from 1700: Nicolas BERTRAND, Claude PIERRAY, Jacques BOQUAY, Pierre and Antoine VÉRON, Pierre SAINT PAUL, Pierre-François GROSSET.
- The second school, dating from c. 1750: Louis GUERSAN, Jean-Baptiste SALOMON, Jean Nicolas LAMBERT, Andrea CASTAGNERI, Claude BOIVIN, Jean OUVRARD, François CHATELAIN.
- The third school, dating from 1770: Benoist FLEURY, François LEJEUNE, Joseph BASSOT, Léopold RENAUDIN.

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